• Saving Lives
  • Increased Self-Confidence
  • Increased Self Discipline
  • Improved Teamwork
  • Improved Balance
  • Improved Memory
  • Better Teamwork
  • Learn Effective Self Defense & Bully Prevention

What is Goshin Girls?

Goshin Girls is a martial arts program for Girls Only (all ages)!   In a fun, upbeat, non-competitive atmosphere, we teach practical self-defense, fitness, safety awareness, and encourage positive thinking and creative expression. We do not enter tournaments which emphasize winners and losers. We teach our students to compete with themselves, to accept themselves, while constantly working to improve. We have demonstrations where our students can exhibit their skills and are honored for their progress.

Girls have different levels of coordination and body strength.  Unlike school sports where you have to make the team, no one is excluded from Goshin Girls because of difficulty in mind/body coordination. Everyone has the right to learn to defend themselves.

Who teaches Goshin Girls?

Sensei Roger Boggs is the lead instructor in all the Goshin Girls classes. He has studied Martial Art for nearly 20 years and is a 3rd degree black belt. As a father of two girls, he has a strong desire to empower girls and to help reinforce that they are special, beautiful, smart and strong, and that they never deserve to be abused. These positive messages are interwoven into the Goshin Girls program, helping to build up the girls’ level of self-confidence and inner strength.

Sensei (Teacher) Roger Boggs is assisted by female Instructors and Goshin Black Belt’s staff. They are an integral part of the Goshin Girls program. They provide leadership and are positive role models for the girls.

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Why Goshin Girls?

Goshin Girls is a unique and empowering martial arts program for Girls Only! But why have a program for girls only?

Martial arts historically were taught only to males and even today the number of females studying martial arts is relatively few. A typical martial arts class is comprised of 80-90% males. The Goshin Girls program was born as a necessity for girls.

We started with an all women Self- Defense class and saw it happen in that class. The girls developed a real spirit, supporting and encouraging each other. This atmosphere helped the girls achieve a new level of confidence and soon their enthusiasm and hard work translated into power in their martial arts skills.

We watched as the chemistry of the class changed when the girls and boys were in the same class. The spirit diminished and the girls became reserved in expressing their power. In theory we would not have expected this, yet could not help but take note of what we had just witnessed.

Knowing in my heart that there were always girls ready to hop into a historic male arena and challenge it head on, I had to concede that there were many who needed a safe and supportive environment where their power and confidence could be nurtured. Having witnessed the abuse of women growing up, I wanted to use the martial arts and self-defense skills that I have had dedicated my life to, to help with the problems this generation of girls and women were facing. Why not have a program designed for girls that instilled in them an inherent resistance to abuse, and the self-defense knowledge and skill to prevent it. As parents, we all feel intuitively that the danger that girls face has increased in the last two decades.

The Goshin Girls Promise

I promise to respect myself and my art

I take what I learn to help me grow strong, never reckless because it’s not a game.

I can take time out, I can talk things out. There is no need to shout at my friends.

I’m building my pride, because I’m worth it inside, and standing my ground without goofing around.

I’m thinking of someone I trust right now, someone who knows what I mean.

If I’m feeling in trouble, I’m never alone. I can reach out whenever I need.

Goshin Girls is a one class a month session for our current students and guests !
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