Come Try Our Fun & Action-Packed Padded Sword Class Taught By Goshin Academy & Shihan Dana Abbott!

  • It’s fun & safe!
  • It’s a Real Jedi Sword!
  • It’s the best exercise in the world!
  • It’s more fun than video games!

Goshin Karate and Judo Academy with the help of Shihan Dana Abbott and Samurai Sports has created the first ever Jedi Fitness Training Center and are looking for Jedi Samurai apprentices to start the journey.

The Jedi Samurai program is a real life padded light saber sword-wielding superhero fitness training program designed to get kids (6 and up), teens and adults to put away their video games and come into the dojo for some safe and fun exercise!

Goshin Karate & Judo Academy is looking for Jedi Samurai Apprentice to start their journey! Jedi Samurai Padded Swords is good exercise and it develops speed, timing and reflexes.

It’s a great outlet for kids’ imaginations and it’s therapy for adults. What martial arts class on the planet could be more fun?

Beginner Padded Sword Classes Enrolling In March!

2 ways to get started…

(480) 951-2236