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Bo Staff

A BO is an ancient Okinawan weapon, which measures approximately six feet. A bo is a very practical self-defense weapon, and an excellent weapon to develop the upper body coordination and strength.

At Goshin we teach how to hold a bo, basic offensive and defensive moves as well as a classical BO Kata, and its application.


A bokken is used as a relatively safe substitute for a real blade in training for several martial arts. They are used in the early stages of training in iaido, when a practitioner has not yet reached the level where use of an iaito would be safe.

At Goshin we teach proper sword procedures, Drawing sword and sword katas, Eight directions of cutting and padded sword fighting.


A nunchaku is two sections of wood connected by a cord or chain. Chinese nunchaku tend to be rounded, whereas the Japanese version has an octagonal cross-section. The ideal length of each piece should be the length of the user's forearm. Traditionally both ends are of equal length. The ideal length for the connection rope/chain is just enough to allow the user to lay it over his or her palm, with the sticks hanging comfortably and perpendicular to the ground. Weight balance is extremely important.

At Goshin we teach basic movements, and a nunchaku kata.


Escrima sticks are most commonly made from rattan. Hard and durable, yet light weight, it can be fire hardened. It shreds under only the worst abuse and will not splinter like other woods do.

Escrima sticks are made in many sizes depending on the system and the respective ranges being trained. Common lengths range from 6' to 96' with the most common ranging from 24' to 36'.


The tonfa is a traditional Okinawan weapon from which the modern side-handled police baton is derived. The tonfa traditionally consists of two parts, a handle with a knob, and perpendicular to the handle, a shaft or baord that lies along the hand and forearm. The shaft is usually 20-24 inches long. Optimally it extends about 3cm past the elbow when held. Often the shaft has rounded off ends which may be grooved for a better grip.

The tonfa can be seen in 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation', in the posession of Michaelangelo.


The kama are Okinawan and Japanese weapons that resemble traditional farming devices similar to a scythe. Because the kama is a weapon with a blade and therefore incorporates a high degree of danger, it is somewhat different from other forms of kobudo weaponry.

At Goshin we train with dull blade kama for safety. Techniques include blocking and stabbing, thrusting, and cutting as well as a kata.


The sai is a weapon found predominantly in Okinawa (there is evidence of similar weapons in India, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia). Sai are often believed to have originated as an agricultural tool used to measure stalks, plow fields, plant rice, or to hold cart wheels in place, though the evidence for this is limited.

At Goshin we teach proper handling and movement of the sai, as well as a kata and sai sparring.


The Kubotan is a 5' long plastic or metal keychain that is utilized as a self-defense device. Originally developed by Master Kubota for undercover police officers, it is an extremely effective self-defense device when used properly.

Teaching The Best Martial Arts Weapons In The Scottsdale Area Since 1991!

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